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A history of Lundby kitchen furniture

Here's a brief summary of Lundbys kitchen furniture, in the same style as the bathrooms that were covered in a previous post. I hope someone out there might find it useful. If you have any additional information or find something that is wrong in my descriptions, please let me know.


Lundby/Lerro kitchens, early version ca 1950's-1973
(pictures not mine)

The earliest Lundby (and/or Lerro) kitchen furniture was - in different versions - produced up until 1973. The white/blue version was the most common one, but I've seen the furniture in green, turquoise and other colors as well. The orange/yellow version was the last one to be produced, between 1972 and 1973. Note: these are just sample pictures. There are more parts in more colors.

Continental, yellow version 1974-79/80

The first version of the more modern Lundby kitchens came into production in 1974. It was named "Continental". There is s a slight difference in production from year to year, primarily the placement of the door knobs (as can be noted in the picture above), and the color of the wood on the kitchen cabinets.

Continental, red version 1979-1985/86

This is the second version of the Continental kitchen range, with the same units as its predecessor. This also had slightly different versions from year to year (wood color and knobs placement). Additionally, it had different versions of the cabinets. Some were plain (as the one in the picture), other had cut-out pattern (as the kitchen below).

Continental, orange version 1981-1987 

This is the third kitchen in the continental range, and also the rarest. It's possible that this kitchen was produced for the Manor range. In some versions this kitchen has plain kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen with silver/mirror tiles 1984-1997/98

In 1984, Lundby gave their kitchen range an overhaul. This kitchen was produced in several different versions during the 15 years in production.
* White cabinets, light gray counters, gold colored knobs
* White cabinets, dark brown counters, brown knobs
* Dark brown cabinets, white details, dark brown counters.

Kitchen with red cabinets and tan tiles, 1988-90
(not my pictures)

...and of course we need a mystery kitchen :) This kitchen is displayed in a catalogue from 1988/89 and again in 1990. (Thanks to Paige at Lundby Lovers for the correct year!). It was marked as an exclusive. This unit was sold at a swedish web auction, unfortunately before I started keeping track of kitchens.

Kitchen with green tiles and flower pattern, 1998/99 - 2004

This kitchen was only in production for around five years. It has the same units as the previous kitchens, but with lighter wooden details.

Småland kitchen with blue cabinets and stainless steel units, 2006 - 2008
(not my picture)

In 2006, the Gothenburg was given a big make-over, and changed name to Småland. This is the kitchen from the new Småland range. The units are roughly the same as the previous kitchens, but they have been given an upgraded design.

Småland white tile/diamont pattern kitchen, 2009 - 2014

The blue kitchen was replaced with a new Småland in 2009. This version has updated unit designs. It was given a minor upgrade in 2011, when the white diamond tile pattern was changed to a plain white tile. The sink unit design was also upgraded.

Stockholm kitchen with checkered tiles 2005 - now
(not my pictures)

In 2005, Lundby introduced the Stockholm range. This included a big make-over for the kitchen - it contained just two bigger units. The first year the kitchen unit came with a multi colored checkered tile pattern. This changed in 2006 into a green checkered pattern, and in 2010 to the turquoise seen above. The breakfast bar has remained the same throughout the years.

Småland kitchen, green with pink fridge 2015 - 

The latest make-over in the kitchen department came with the new Lundby Småland in 2015. New units was released in colors matching the wallpaper in the new Småland dollhouse (pink/bright green). Update: this kitchen was released in white with pink fridge in the fall of 2016, sold as an exclusive.

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