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A history of Lundby bedroom furniture

Since I started collecting dollhouses and furniture, I've been looking for some kind of catalogue of information. There's lots of knowledge online, but so far I haven't found any compiled information. This is my attempt of creating an online resource for anyone who might also be interested in dating their Lundby furniture. I hope someone out there might find it useful.

If you have any additional information or find something that is wrong in my descriptions, please let me know. This is a work in progress, so if you have any information or pictures that you want to add, it would make my day!

I've chosen to include primarily beds in this summary. Sometimes there are also nightstands, make-up tables, wardrobes and other items included, when it was sold as a set.


Lundby and Lerro have a long and complicated interconnected history. I've chosen to start this summary around 1972, when Lundby renewed many items in their dollhouse furniture collection, including bedroom furniture.

But before we start with the real main presentation, here are some example of older Lundby/Lerro bedroom furniture.

A famous line of bedroom furniture - and other rooms as well - is the Rokoko series. Lundby probably started producing them in the 1950's. The rokoko beds evolved (including changed bed linen) over the years. In 1966, the bed looked like this (with the nightstand and make-up table):

From 1966 (probably earlier as well), there was also a simpler bed produced - probably as an economy version or for the children's bedroom. It was made in both white and brown, and looked like this:

In 1968 or 1969, another bedroom set was introduced. It was the first more modern looking bedroom furniture. It included a bed and a wardrobe.

In the 1972 catalogue, the set was given a small make-up: it now included nightstands, and given different bedding. In 1974 the set was no longer produced.

1971 gave us one new, modern item on the bedroom horizon. The first version of the Scandinavia bed arrived. The set number was 9720.

Notice that there are small differences between the catalogue version and the item produced. 

1972 was a big year of change. Lots of new furniture was introduced, and older items were discontinued . The news of that year included the 9716 Blue heaven set: Bed, wardrobe (older version) and nightstand (also older version).

Another new set was the 9717 White Dream set (although the name wasn't included until 1974).

I've also found this set in red. I assume it was produced around this time, since the parts are the same design as the White Dream set. (Bedding is probably newer).

Lundby also started making special bedrooms for small children, and released two version of this set the same year. They are given numbers 9750 and 9751:

The first set was discontinued quite quickly (just produced for a year or two). The second set was updated in the 1974 catalogue, and given the table from the first version.

Another new bed in 1972 was this red version (not given an name) of the older white and wooden beds. I can only find it in the catalogue from this year.

1972 is also probably the year when the Rokoko beds go out with a bang. (I don't have access to the 1973 catalogue, so perhaps they survived that year as well). They are produced with new bedding, in two versions:

Fast forward to 1974. The Scandinavia bed is updated and given a new set number, 9721. It's now also called "New Scandiavia". (The bunk bed set it also updated, as previously mentioned).

1975 gives us year another New Scandinavia set, now 9722, but that's about it. Not much to report.

1976 is lost in the catalogue space black hole, so we quickly move on to 1977. This year brings us an updated version of the Blue Heaven set. It now includes an updated wardrobe, make-up table, chair + a new version of the nightstand. It's also given a new set number: 9719.

The children's bedroom also gets a make-over. New bedding, and new table and chairs for all! Note: The pillows seem to have patterns in the catalogue. I've never seen that, and in the 1979 catalogue the set comes again with the plain white pillows and same set number. There also seems to be different versions of the bedding here.

The third new bedroom set this year is the Nocturne set, 9718. It includes a make-up table and the new nightstand.

The next year, 1978, brings an updated version of the Nocturne set. The beds are now yellow, and it has different bedding. Besides that, no news on the bedroom front.

Since there are no news in the 1979 catalogue, I'll take a short break here before I continue with the beds of the 1980's.

Alright, let's move on. The next available catalogue is from 1981. There are three bedroom items there that aren't marked as new for the year, and one with a star (as in "new"). The first of the three "older" ones, from 1980 I presume, is this. Does it look familiar? It's the "Nocturne" but with an added wardrobe. The beds are also another version, and perhaps wood coloured? I'm not sure.

The second one comes here. It's called "Classic" and has the set number 9721. (The brown nightstand is missing from my pictures).

This bedroom was also produced in another version, for the Manor dollhouse. That version has a different bedding and pattern on the make-up table. It also includes a special chair. 

There was another bedroom set produced for the Manor as well - this one: 

The third "old" bedroom is this one. It's called "Kiefer" in the german catalogue, and has the set number 9720. (The nightstands have a different design in the german version). 

There was also a new bedroom in 1981. It's called "Rose" and has the set number 9715. (I'm missing a chair with the pink fabric). 

1982 is lost in space, but stuff happens in 1983! Here are a set of pine beds. I have never seen these IRL, but since they have their own set number - 9717 - I assume that they exist.

The second new set is this one, 9719. It looks like an updated version of the 9790 set (from 1968/69). It includes a wardrobe, make-up table and two nightstands.

The third set is the fourth version of the New Scandinavia set. It has kept the same set number as the earlier version from 1975, 9722.

The "Rose" bedroom set is also included in the 1983 catalogue, along with another set that isn't marked as new, so I assume it's from 1982. It's bunk beds for the children, set number 7186.

The set 9752 (with the kids bunk beds) is also given a new set number (9753) but I can't see any difference. Possiby a new bedding? I've seen two versions that I'm not sure about.

(Img Ewa Andrésen) 

Hello 1984! This year brings us both totally new beds, and updates of older versions. First, the Rose bedroom (set 9715 from 1981) is given a re-make. The bed is kept as it is, but we get nightstands and a wardrobe. The set is number 9716. Note: The "Rose" wardrobe in pink is the same as the newer version of the "Blue heaven" wardrobe.

The Lundbynette house is also launched, and along with it is of course also a special bedroom.

It's 1985, and big things are happening in the world of Lundby bedroom furniture. Here are four new beds that were launched this year. The glamour of the1980's is hitting the Lundby range with a bang :)

But wait - there's more. There is also a new version (or perhaps from last year?) of the children's bedroom set 9753, with the bunk bed. The bed is new, and now looks like this:

Lundby also launches the Rainbow house, with durable furniture for smaller children. There are several colour combinations of the bedroom furniture - here are two examples:

1986 is another blank year in catalogue history, so let's move on to 1987. This is a bit blurry, but it's a new set. I think it's pine and some kind of fluffy ballerina bedding. The second picture looks like the bed without the fluffy ballerina parts.

The next new bedroom from 1987 is a princess set - 9751. It comes with matching wardrobes.

We quickly jump to somewhere around 1989/90. There is a catalogue from 1985 online, but if you look at all the other items, the date is wrong. So around this time we have several new items from two catalogues. First one out: The Rose bedroom gets another make-over and a new set number, 9705. This time it's a new wardrobe.

Next one is the bunk beds for the children's room. New bedding, and a new table - and a new set number, 9759.

Around 1989/90, Lundby launched a set of furniture called "Starter". This is the bed from that set.

And then we have the bed from the Exclusive range, set 9702.

There are also other items from this two-year period. And I think we have a winner for the "most upgrade" category. This time the "Rose"-set got a new set number - 9707. It also got a darker red wardrobe, new bedding and a new make-up table.

There is also a new dark brown bed (the first one for quite a while), with a very rare make-up table. Set 9703.

And the bed with the most flowers and girly stuff of the year: set 9704. 

We finish off this section with two more rustic options: Set 9712 and 9721. Both comes with matching (but not the same) wardrobes and nigthstands.

And with that, we're taking the leap into the 1990's.

The first new bedroom we find in 1992 - the year before is missing - is this one. It's a twin in white to 9712. It's not marked as new, so I assume it came in 1991. It's got number 9722.

Another bedroom we haven't seen before is the updated children's room. This supposedly also arrived in 1991. There is new bedding and a new pattern on the table and, yes, a new set number: 9759.

In 1993, Lundby renewed their furniture range. The only old bed left in that years catalogue is 9721 - all others are new, or kind of new. Let's take a look at them.

First, there is an updated version of 9722. Looks like the same bed, but with new bedding.

Then we have this. Now, this is quite interesting. It's a comeback for the old bed that was first produced in 1972 - that's more than 20 years. It comes with a new nightstand and new bedding, but the model of the bed is - as far as I can see - still the same. Another strange thing is that it's got the same item number as the pine beds we first saw in 1983. I have no idea why.

There is another version of this bed that I can't find in the catalogue, but I assume it's from this time. It has green bedding:

There is also a completely new bed in the 1993 catalogue: this one. Item number 9709.

We also have a new version of the children's room with bunk beds. But it's kept the set number from last years version, 9759.

(Img: Ewa Andrésen) 

There are not many catalogues online from the 1990's. After 1993 there is just 1997, and then a jump to 2000. But we'll take a look at the 1997 items. Several beds from 1993 are still around, like the children's room 9759, the Rose bed 9707 and the pine/pink bed 9721. But we also have newer versions. First the white bed with new bedding (no new set number though).

Here's also an updated version of set 9722 with new bedding.

There are other similar items that I assume were produced during the period in the 1990's where the catalogues are missing. But in lack of catalogues, let's take a big leap forward and welcome the new beds from 2000 (or perhaps earlier, but here they are).

New millennium, new set numbers - and of course new sets. There are five bedroom sets in the 2000 catalogue that we should take a look at.

The first one seems to be a remake of set 9709, but now with gold frames instead of white. Not with set number 2007. I'm also including the update from 2002.

The second one is a remake of set 9722, here with blue flower pattern bedding and set number 2008 from 2000 and the update from 2002.

The third one is a pine bed with green floral pattern bedding, set 2012. Red bedding from 2002.

We also have a totally new model. It's listed as a "teenager bed". Interesting description. Set 2019.

The younger children also get a totally new bedroom: a red bunk bed with a table and two small chairs. Set number 2013.

As mentioned, the beds are updated in 2002, but nothing else is new in the bedroom furniture department until 2005. And that's a big year!

Lundby did a big remake in 2005/2006. The new Stockholm and Småland range was released, and along with it came new furniture.

Here's the Stockholm bed:

Småland came with three beds - some new, some updates. The first one is very similar to set 9722.

The second one is closely related to set 2007:

The third is yet another version of the small children's room, but now with a blue bed.

After this, not much happens until 2009. Then the Småland range brings us an updated children's room, set 2050. This is still sold today (in 2017).

In 2010, the Stockholm range gets a makeover. Here's the new bed from that set, with number 9024:

2011 gives us two new bedroom sets for the Småland house. The first one is set 2056:

The second one is set 2062. It later on comes out in an updated version with different nightstands and a slightly different shape of the bed.

We also get a new bedroom for the teenagers (my guess), with a more sophisticated bunk bed. Set number 2056. The children's room get a new set number, but not changes, 2066.

In 2017 Lundby launched a new dollhouse and furniture for younger children again. Here is the bed from that range:

And well.. I guess that's about it. I'm very well aware that there are several other versions and models of the Lundby beds out there, especially older ones. But this has at least been an attempt to list some of the more common items on the market. I hope you'll enjoy the collection!