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A history of Lundby bedroom furniture

Since I started collecting dollhouses, I've always been looking for more information about Lundby's furniture. There's lots of knowledge online, but so far I haven't found any compiled information about bedroom furniture. This is my attempt of creating an online resource for anyone who might also be interested in learning more about their Lundby beds. I hope you find it fun to read and that you learn something along the way. 

I've chosen to focus primarily on the beds in this summary. Sometimes - but not always - there are also nightstands, make-up tables, stools, wardrobes, chairs, curtains and other items included. 

I've chosen to start this summary in the early 1970's, when Lundby renewed many items in their dollhouse furniture collection, including bedrooms. I've decided to not present the beds in full chronological order, since it's also interesting to see how a model is evolved and/or retired. I've also included some photos and cropped images from old catalogues, since it's interesting to compare the catalogue versions to the finished product. 

If you have any additional information or find something that is wrong in my descriptions, please let me know. This is a work in progress, so if you have any information or pictures that you want to add, it would make my day!


Let's start with the oldest set that I'm including in this post. This bedroom set was introduced in the late 1960's. It was the first more modern looking bedroom that I could find. It included a bed and a wardrobe, but no nightstands.

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

In the 1972 catalogue we can find some minor changes to the set. It now includes nightstands and has a different bedding that is glued to the bed. However, the bedframe didn't change. That's just an early catalogue only version. 

In 1972 this set gets a sibling: the Blue Heaven set. The first version of this set included a bed, wardrobe and nightstand. They have a different colour/pattern than the one above, but the parts are the same. The bedframe is a little smaller - I'll get back to that shortly. 

There is also a German version of this set. This is the first - but not last - time we'll bump into the German furniture range. Lundby produced furniture in Germany for the domestic market there, and some of the items were exclusives - not with big differences, but enough to make them stand out. This is one of them. It has a gold frame (not green) around the pattern on the bed and wardrobe. The design of the wardrobe is the older version, so I assume that this was also produced in the early 1970's.

1977 brings us an updated version of the Blue Heaven set. It now includes a newer wardrobe, make-up table, stool, chair + a new version of the nightstand that Lundby uses for more than 15 years. 

We're moving forward in time to 80/81, and another version of this bedroom. This one is called "Classic". It has the same items as the two previous sets, but in another colour. 

This bedroom was also produced in a more rare version for the Manor dollhouse in 1981/82. The Manor bedroom has a different bedding and pattern on the make-up table. 

The last set in this series shows up in 1983. It includes a bed, nightstands, a wardrobe, make-up table, stool, chair and curtains. All of the parts - except for the new curtain - are the same design as the previous sets. It's one of the first beds I can find that has matching curtains - something that's more common a few years later.  

This set is often mixed up with the red and white set we saw first. They are similar, but the frame is slightly smaller and bright white. Here are the two side by side: 

We're moving back in history to find another range. 1971 gave us one new, modern item on the bedroom horizon. The first version of the Scandinavia bed arrived! We also got a matching tripod stool along with it. 

There are small differences between the catalogue version and the item produced 
- the clock, books and painting are different.  

This might be a good place to point out that Lundby often uses the same fabric for several contemporary items: beds, curtains, sofas and other items. Here's an example. (We'll discuss the bunk beds soon). 

The Scandinavia bed is updated in 1974. It's now also called "New Scandinavia". It has a new bedding and matching stool, but the rest of the bed is the same as the previous model. An earlier version of this bed had a tripod stool.

1976 brings another updated New Scandinavia set. It has a different pattern on the bedding, and a new headboard. The colours of the wood details (red/white) are overall reveresed.

The last version of this bedframe came out a little bit later, in 1983. There are three versions of the bedding. The wood details are now all white except for the bottom of the bed. 

This version of the bedding (same frame as the one above) can be seen in the 1988 catalogue. It has a matching stool as well, even though the catalogue photo shows a plain red one. 

This bedding is not shown in any known catalogue, but I've seen it sold with the bed three times now.A good indication that this bedding actually comes with this set. 

Back in time again! The late 1960's and early 1970's saw lots of change in the Lundby furniture range. This is one of them: a bed with cardboard bedding. Yes, you read that right. One theory is that this was the earliest prototype of the White dream bed, since the pillow on the print is from the 1960's, and that it was sold in the early 1970's. But this is just a guess, since it's now shown in any known catalogue online. 

1972 was a big year of change. Lots of new furniture was introduced, and older items were discontinued. This is also the first time we see a very popular bed in the catalogue: the White dream bedroom set. The first picture below is probably a catalogue only version - the second is the more familiar item. 

The White dream set gets a make-over in 1977. It's now called Nocturne, and includes a make-up table with stool and the new nightstand, along with new (really cool!) bedding. 

Remember the German furniture range? Here is the German version of the Nocturne set. The frame is different than the regular Nocturne set. I think it's the same or similar to a frame from the 1960's.

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

The next year, 1978, brings an updated version of the Nocturne set. The beds are now yellow, and it has different bedding. 

The make-up table also exists in another version. My best guess - although just a guess - is that this make-up table is a German version of this set. 

There is also a red version of this bed. It's never shown in any of the catalogues, but there are some ads (first one from 1976) where you can see it. The make-up table and nightstand are an older version, which fits with the timeline - the newer version of both items came in 1977. 

The set was also produced with another bedding - the floral pattern from the Nocturne set. 

The white bed was also used in the Manor range, 1981-82. It has a bedding that's unique to the Manor furniture, but you probably recognize the pattern from the New Scandinavia bed that we saw earlier.

There was also a very rare item produced for the Lundby apartments in 1982. It's this bed and make-up table. (The green chair is from the kitchen set). The bed is more light yellow than the ones we've seen in the Nocturne set. 

... and for several years, that seemed to be the end of this production line. But it wasn't. We're taking a huge leap in time to 1993. It's a surprising comeback for the old bed that was first produced in 1972 - that's more than 20 years. It comes with a nightstand that was common in the 1990's and new bedding, but the model of the bed is - as far as I can tell - still the same. The pillows are yellow. This seems to be a common feature in beds from the 1990's. We'll look more into that later on. 

There are two other version of this bed that I can't find in the catalogue, but I assume they are both from this time (later production) since they have foam mattres, just like the bed above. Here they are:

And that concludes the chapter of these beds.... unless Lundby brings them back again. Let's move on to another range: the bunk beds. Lundby started making special bedrooms for children, and released three version of this set in 1972. Here are the first two: 

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

There was also German versions of the early bunk beds. They all have ladders - an easy way to spot them when compared to later bunk beds.

The first sets were discontinued quite quickly (just produced for a year or two). The second set was updated in the 1974 catalogue, and given the table from the first version. The next year, 1975, the red ladder was also removed.

There's also a single bed version of this bunk bed, only shown in an ad from 1976 (the same ad as the red Nocturne bed). 

The children's bedroom gets a make-over in 1977. New bedding, and new table and small wooden chairs. Note: The pillows seem to have patterns in the catalogue. I've never seen them, and in the 1979 catalogue the set has plain white pillows and same set number. The pattern on the bedding is also a bit different from the finished product. I think that this is another catalogue item only. 

In the 1982/83 catalogue, we find a new heart pattern on the bedding, and some unique additional furniture - the table, which becomes a make-up table if you flip it.  

There is another version of the bedding that I haven't found in any of the catalogues, but I'm sure that it's Lundby original. Since the bed has red bedposts, I assume that it was produced in the late 1970's or early 1980's. 

This bunk bed is not shown in any of the catalogues. It's a bit smaller than the other Lundby bunk beds, but it's not Lisa or Hanse, so my best guess is that it's Lundby. It has a ladder and red posts, so I assume that it's from the early 1970's 

This is the size compared to the standard Lundby bunk bed. Very odd. If you have any idea what this bed is, and when it was made, please let me know. 

The next version of the bedding is found very soon after this, in 1983. This is also the first version with wood coloured bedposts instead of red ones. 

There is also a new version in 1985 with new bedding but the same additional furniture as the set from 1983. The bedding has wild strawberry pattern. 

The next version comes from the 1989 catalogue. 

The last version of the classic bunk bed I can find in the catalogue comes from 1993. Just like many other beds from the 1990's, it has coloured pillows. It seems like many of the the bunk beds have dark pink pillows, while the twin beds and double beds have yellow. This is one way of telling if the bed is from the 1990's, which can be helpful since there aren't many published catalogues from that time. 

I have two other versions of this bed (and there's at least one more). The bedding is not exactly the same as the one in the catalogue, but it's original. They look like this: 

Then there's also this version. Could there be more of them? 

(Img: Ewa Andrésen) 

Before we leave the bunk beds, I have more version not shown in catalogues. Date unknown, but they are most probably from the 1990's. 

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

Alright, let's move on. We're now in the year 1981 in this very confusing timeline. The set below comes from the 1981/82 German catalogue, so it's probably a German exclusive. It doesn't have a star (meaning new), so I presume it's from 1980 or even earlier. Does it look familiar? It's the "Nocturne" but with an added wardrobe. The bedframes are also another version - the old style from late 1960's, and I'm very confused as to why it's showing up again.

We also have a new double bed in the 1981 catalogue. Pine beds are coming on strong this year! It's called "Kiefer" in the German catalogue. The nightstands also have a different design in the German version. The next few beds all have Gingham pattern on the bedding in two versions: one smaller and one larger. 

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

There are two new (and a bit odd) bedrooms in the 1982/83 catalogue: This one comes from the Lundbynette range - a special range for younger dollhouse fans.

The next bed is a bunk bed. Yes, I know I said that we were done with the classic version, and we are. This is a much more rare bunk bed version that was only produced for a short period of time. 

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

The Kiefer beds were also produced as twin/bunk beds in 82/83. The first version has the same frame as the bunk bed with the red floral bedding we just saw, and a larger gingham pattern on the bedding and chair. The second one has the smaller pattern and another frame. Both versions can be stacked. 


(All four images above: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

Lundby made both a dollhouse and furniture for younger kids called "Rainbow" in 1985. These are the three versions of the bedroom from that range. 

The last attempt to make a dollhouse especially for the youngest children came in 1988 with the "Play and learn" -house. It came with a three piece bedroom: Yellow bed, red nightstand and blue wardrobe. 

It's now 1986, and big things are happening in the world of Lundby bedroom furniture. Here are four new beds that were all launched this year. The glamour of the1980's is hitting the Lundby range with a bang.

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

The new white bunk bed was also the foundation to the updated bunk bed with lots of pink and laces from 1989. 

This bed comes with two different (but similar) patterns on the bedding.

Big time princess warning on the next set as well! It's from 1988, and has several new pieces. There's a bed with awning, rug, dressing room screen, white light and matching singler wardrobes.... but no nightstand, strangely enough. 

Around 1989, Lundby launched a set of furniture called "Start collection". This is the bed from that set. It's very similar (but not identical) to the princess set from 1987, but with sticker/without the awning. It now also has nightstands, and matching make-up table and wardrobe. The make-up table is very similar (identical?) to the brand Caroline's home, that Lundby aquired in the late 1980's. 

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

Here's a comparison between the two beds. The starter bed is higher and has a headboard.

Pine beds was a big thing in the Lundby world in the late 80's and early 90's. In the 1990 catalogue we can find this one. It has the same bedding as the ones above.

Here's a close sibling to the bed above. If you look more closely, the headboard of that set has a carved pattern. There is also a version with flat headboard. This is not shown in any of the known catalogues, but I assume that this was produced around the same time (the design of the box - not shown here - is also a clue).

There's of course a curtain that matches the  pink bedding used in all of these beds: 

There are at least two other versions of the bedding for this bed, from the mid 1990's:

This bed has a matching couch and armchair, and a curtain, which is very common in the early 1990's. 

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

Now let's go back to 1988. I don't really know what to call this - I think it's some kind of fluffy ballerina bed. The nightstands are a new model that we haven't seen before. The catalogue picture shows a bedroom starter set, including a new make-up table. You also have a single wardrobe - same model as the princess bed from the same year, but in wood colour.

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

The frame of this bed is the same as the previous one, but the updated version from 1989 has gold knobs on the bed and nightstands. I've seen it both with and without mirror. 

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

There's a sibling to this set, also from1989. The set includes a bed and a rare make-up table, only seen once before (with the set above), but then in light wood colour. This wood is a dark brown colour.

These two beds have another mystery sibling. This set is probably from around the same time (ca 1990), but it's not shown in any know catalogues. It's lighter rosewood (compare to the one above). 

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

The frame of this next bed - without the mirror - is similar to the one from the exclusive set. It was also produced in white for another bedroom set. The wood version is from 1990, the white from 1991 or 1992. They both have matching furniture sets (not shown in picture). You can also see that the nightstands are different.

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

This set was produced both with these more rare nightstands, and the more common one you see below. 

Here is the sibling set in white: 

The frame of this bed is used for several other beds in the next few years. This one is from the 1993 catalogue. It has green bedding with gold dots, and a yellow pillow. Remember the thing with yellow pillows from the white twin beds we saw earlier? Here they are again, in a bigger version.

There is another similar set, not shown in catalogues. I have never seen this with a pillow, so I don't know if that's white or yellow. But I'm 99% sure that it's from the 1990's.

In 1997 there is this version with new bedding: 

This bed is not shown in catalogues, but I assume that it's from the 1990's. There are two versions, one with yellow lace on the bedding, and one with white. 

And here's the corresponding furniture: 

Just like the previous one, this bed isn't shown in any know catalogue. But the style of the bed and nightstands, plus the similar yellow lace on the bedding, makes it very likely that this set is from the mid/late 1990's. This one probably came in two versions. The first one has a yellow pillow and the older nightstands, the newer one a white pillow and newer nightstands. 

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

In 1999 the bedding looks like this. The nightstands are a newer version. There's also a matching curtain.

In 2002 we get yet another new version of this bed, this time with green and yellow bedding. 

Last one out is from 2005, so it's also part of the (then) new Lundby Småland range. 

I'm guessing that some readers (those who had the time and interest to get this far!) might be missing a special range of beds. You are right but no, it's not forgotten. Here it is! 

The Lundby "Rose" bedroom set was first introduced way back in 1981. It included a bed, make-up table and chair. 

Two years later, in 1983, there was another version released. It's the same bed, but with two nightstands and a wardrobe. The wardrobe is the same shape as the ones in the Blue heaven and Classic/Manor sets. 

(note: Not the right wardrobe - the older version has metal knobs)

There are some minor updates to these sets in 1988. The mattress is now white. The telephones you can see in the catalogue pictures were also attached to the nightstand/make-up table. 

Here's a comparison between the first two versions of the Lundby Rose bed. Earliest version to the left. The frame is a bit darker, the mattress has a checkered pattern and the lace on the bedding is different. 

There's also two slightly different versions of the first bed. The pattern on the mattress is a bit different: 

Before we move on, there's another version I want to show you. This is not shown in any catalogue, but the darker brass colour on the bed is the same as the earliest versions. The lace on the bed is also the same, so I think that this is a very early variation on the bed - not shown in any known catalogues. 

(img: Susann Gyllström. Used with permission)

The next update comes in 1989.  This time it's a new wardrobe. It's the same model as the one from the princess bedroom in 1987, but with a pattern that matches this bedding. 

Around the same time - my best guess is 1990 - the whole set gets another interesting make-over. It now has a dark pink wardrobe with white knob handles, new bedding and a new make-up table and stool.

There is also a chair and a make-up table with gold knob to this set. It's also a brighter shade of white. I haven't seen this in any of the online catalogues. 

Lundby Rose gets another update in 1997. This time the bedding changes. It's now a darker shade of pink. 

There are also other versions of the bedding in pink. These are probably original Lundby, from mid or late 1990's.

Several of these beds also have matching curtains. There are several other versions - most commonly different lace - out there, so they are just examples of what you might find. 

Before we move on I think that this is a good time and place to talk about the Lundby wardrobes. You've seen several of them now, and there will be a few other examples further on. The first ones you saw were an older model from the 1960's. They have a crown molding and metal knob handles. 

This model goes back to the 1960's, when they were produced without the different patterns. I've seen them in plain red, white and brown. Here's an example: 

(Img: Therese Garland. Used with permission)

This wardrobe was replaced in 1977 with the newer model that was very frequently produced between 1977 and early 1990's. Here are some of them: 

There are two wardrobes in the group photo that we haven't seen as part of a set before. I bought this one from a seller in Germany, so it's likely that it's a German market item. 

There's also this one that looks very similar to the pink wardrobe from the Lundby rose sets. It's a light apricot colour, and has a different print. It was produced in the 1990's (I can tell from the original box) so it's probably the last one made in this range. 

There's also a single wardrobe, produced from 1988 and a few years after that. You've seen some of them. Here's a group photo that includes three of them: 

So are we done now with the Lundby Rose range? Not at all - there's more :) In the 1990's, Lundby made at least two versions of this bed in white. The first one is from the 1993 catalogue. Both of them has the typical 1990's nightstand. 

There was also another white version in 1997. with floral pattern on the bedding. 

New millennium, and we're... going back to the first version of the bed, with brass/gold frame :)  Okay, the first one here is from 1999, but we're close to a new millennium. This one, like a lot of other beds from this time period, has matching curtains. 

This version of the bedding is not shown in the catalogues, but it's very similar to the one above, so I assume that it was produced around the same time. 

This bedding is from the 2000 catalogue. It has matching curtains as well.

Another version of the set with new bedding, from 2002. 

This bed is similar, but not identical, to the one above. I assume that it was produced around the same time, ca 2002. 

The last version of the Rose bedroom can be found in the 2005 Lundby Småland range. It was produced until 2010. This means that the bedframe was in production for at least 29 years, which I think is the most long lived item in the entire Lundby bedroom history. The salmon colour side of the beddings is probably an earlier version, the white a later version. 

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

So is there anything left? Yes there is - we're not done yet.

Lundby released a new version of pine beds in 1999. This one has green floral pattern bedding, curtains and new nightstands.  

And this version with red floral bedding and striped pillow and mattress, from the 2002 catalogue. 

I'm not 100% sure, but I think that this is the matching curtain to the set above. It's from the same time period, and it has the same white/red striped pattern as the pillow and mattress. 

We also have a totally new and unique bed that was only made for a few years. It's listed as a "teenager bed". There is also a nightstand and a make-up table. First seen in the catalogue from 2000.

(Img: Paige Baird. Used with permission)

The younger children also get a new bedroom. The first version of this bed - red with blue/red/yellow bedding, not seen in any know catalogues - came out in the mid/late 1990's. 

An updated version with different bedding - checkered pattern - came in the 1999 catalogue. And yes, it has a matching curtain. 

This version was replaced in 2005, when this bunk bed in blue with new bedding came on the market. It was produced until 2008. 

There are two more bunk beds - and loft beds - from this time. First this one. It's the Lundby Småland bunk bed that replaced the blue bed in 2009. An earlier version of this bed had a rectangular rug. 

There is also a loft bed, with two slightly different versions. The second one (shown below) has much more accessories. 

Lundby did a big remake in 2005. The new Stockholm and Småland range were released, and along with it came new furniture, including beds. Here's the first Stockholm bed, produced between 2005-2009, and the make-up table.

In 2010, the Stockholm range gets a makeover. Here's the new bed from that set, produced 2010-2016:

2011 gives us two new bedroom sets for the Småland house. The first one is a brass bed with unique nightstands. 

This is the second one, only produced between 2011-2012. In 2013 an updated version with different nightstands was produced. The bedding is the same.

In 2017 Lundby launched two ranges of furniture, presumably aimed at the younger market. The first one is the DIY-series of furniture that you can paint yourself. This is the bedroom from the DIY-range. 

Here is the bed from the Lundby Basic range, along with the updated version from 2020. 

In 2018 Lundby gave us a new double bed with velvet headboard: 

We also got an updated teenage room in 2019. 

I guess that's about it for now. I'm very well aware that there are several other versions and models of the Lundby beds out there, especially older ones. But this has at least been an attempt to list as many as possible of the items on the market during the last 50 years or so. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading!